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Stage Manager - alt Hamlet

Looking for a Stage Manager for the show, alt Hamlet, a show about twin sisters who find out their father is not only behind their mother’s murder, but also behind their shrinking right to decide their future. This show looks at the new reality for millions of American women.

Silver Glass is a NYC movement-based company that addresses social, political and economic realities that operate in the world today.

Ideal candidates will be self-motivated individuals who are excited about all tasks of stage managing including but not limited to providing daily rehearsal reports and recording blocking. In addition, we seek individuals with an ability to communicate, problem-solve and anticipate problems. If interested, please send your resume to the email listed, with a cover letter indicating why you are a good fit for us. Must be local and available for all dates.

There is a mandatory pre-production meeting the week of 7/06/23.


Rehearsals (520 8th Ave, Bruce Mitchell Room):

7/13/23-09/05/23 (Tu 7-10pm, Thur 7-10pm, Sat 1-4 pm). Please note: SM will not be needed for the developmental sessions from 7/15-7/25.

Tech (listed in rehearsals):

Wed Sep 6, 2023 10-6 pm, Players Black Box

Performances (115 MacDougal St.):

Sep 7th -24th, Th 7pm, Fri 7pm, Sat 7pm, Sun 3pm

Responsibilities (Rehearsals)

• Create a company roster

• Create and maintain a production book

• Create and maintain a check-in list for rehearsal

• Confirm with artists if they are not there

• Create and distribute rehearsal schedule detail

• Communicate with artists about changes to rehearsal schedule

• Create and distribute rehearsal report


• Assist with taping out the set

• Assist with setting out props

• Feed actor lines

• Record blocking

• Record running times

• Keep director informed of time

• Store/maintain props

* put out rehearsal call by noon next day


• Assemble artists; call if they are not present (artists are required to be at the tech ½ hour before they are scheduled)

• Maintain quiet and order

• Call cues (sound and light)


• Prior Stage Management experience required

Salary: Stipend $2000 which translates to $20/hour for the run on a calculation of 100 hours.

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Sky Trela
Sky Trela

Hello- hope you are well! I don't see an email listed to submit resume and cover letter

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