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Quantum Debt Opens Thursday!

Excited that our show, Quantum Debt, begins this week!

This is a look at the student debt crisis through the lens of quantum physics. A first-generation college student struggles with increasing college debt as she returns home to help the family, leading her to question her ability to ‘make it’.

Here, Caitlin Ferguson is hard at work during rehearsal.

This movement-based piece is rooted in the differing realities of the American Dream for GenXers and Millenials. With Claire Main, Collin McConnell, Rebecca Wolf, Laura Murphy, Josephine Pizzino, Mark Howard and Caitlin Ferguson.

18+ 75 min Where: The Players Theatre 115 MacDougal St., NY NY 10012 When: Dec 2-19th, Th, Fri, Sat, Sun (Th/Fri/Sat @ 7pm; Sun @ 3pm)

Tickets: use code “FamilyAndFriends” for $30 tickets

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