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alt Hamlet - Prop Creator

Looking for a Prop Creator for the show, alt Hamlet, a show about twin sisters who find out their father is not only behind their mother’s murder, but also behind their shrinking right to decide their future. This job is to create two grotesque/carnivalesque prop pieces from two ornament hangers (one 11 inch and one 20 inch) using items provided (see pics):

· eight rabbit feet

· three rabbit teeth masks

· three rabbit face masks

· assorted silver buttons/bells

Production will provide additional materials needed to create pieces.

Silver Glass is a NYC movement-based company that addresses social, political and economic realities that operate in the world today.

Ideal candidates will be self-motivated individuals who are excited about carnivalesque/grotesque art. If interested, please send your resume with grotesque/carnivalesque art samples to silverglassjobs at geemail dot com with a cover letter indicating why you are a good fit for us. Must be local and available for all dates.

There is a mandatory meeting the week on ~07/17/23.


07/13/23 - Prop discussion meeting (max 1 hour)

07/13/23-07/16/23 – Deliver materials to prop creator (1 hour)

07/17/23 – 07/21/23 – Creation of props (estimated 3 hours)

07/24/23 – Delivery of props to producer (1 hour)


• Create two theatrical prop pieces from two ornamental trees with materials provided

• Pieces must be able to withstand strike after each show

• Deliver pieces to producer


• Art/theatrical experience required, preferably degree in Fine Art or Set Design.

Salary: Stipend $120 which translates to $20/hour from a calculation of 6 hours.

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