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Coming in fall 2023!  An adaptation of Hamlet as a response to the supreme court's Dobbs decision. 

Two Berkeley sisters come to realize the economics of being a woman.

A ghost, Gloria B.--the mother of Susan and Bella--tells her daughters to avenge her murder by uncovering their father’s guilt.  Susan, a newly converted economics major, feigns madness by obsessively interpreting events through economics.  Her sister, Bella, does the same via psychology.  As the sisters gradually uncover the depth of their father’s duplicity, they spiral down into a cancel culture contest with deadly consequences.  It’s a comedy.

Here are a few rehearsal pics.  First Bella (Miranda Renée) and Susan (Leah Barker) realize their father's duplicity:


And here Phyllis (Emily Ann Banks) schemes against

Susan and Bella.

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